The Hope Board is dedicated in memory of JOSEPH R. BRYANT

Jan. 30, 2014

The Hope Board with all rights reserved was founded in 2005.

My oldest son Joseph Robert Bryant had a very special gift of art but sadly was not given the attention his art deserved. It was then I decided it was time to not only recognize his wonderful abilities but all artists in the schools and community. That is when THE HOPE BOARD billboard came to fruition. The design is unique which made the art around the billboard stand out. Eventually photos of children were added to the billboard to give them recognition as well. After the pictures and art came down, they were personalized for each individual child. The joy of seeing their smiles was PRICELESS!!!

Since 2005 we continue to donate spaces to uplift the children in the community and since 2014 we added the Joseph Bryant Outstanding Model Character Awards. Where students are voted by the school and faculty. Then they are given an award, and their picture up on the billboard and on our website.

Since 2005 we watched to make sure this billboard was not copied or replicated in anyway. Recently I have expanded opportunities to help insure affordable business ads to the smaller business owners. My goal is to advertise essential businesses in high demand for the community. Not only do we give our clients a beautiful, colorful, uniquely designed billboard to advertise on, but also advertise with laminated copies of both sides of the billboard to give to our clients and others in the community.

If it was not for my oldest son Joseph, The Hope Board billboard would not be here today. Joseph tragically died eight months after THE HOPE BOARD was built at the young age of 14 in 2006. His legacy will continue to live through The Hope Board billboard. I would like to give a sincere thank you to all those that have a part in this wonderful adventure and continue to support art and great kids in his honor and memory.

Oct. 23, 2014


We are so thankful for our client/sponsors that help us provide for the children in the community with art material and banners. If you are interested in being a client/sponsor please contact, Carol Bryant at 870-820-1757 or e mail at Be a part of a billboard that GIVES BACK!!! Thank you.

Pictures of Joseph, his art, family and friends.....

The day before his passing as one of his best friends B.J. Boswell making him smile...not hard to do for Joseph!

Joseph loved to hunt and thanks to the Scott Richardson Family in Warren Arkansas for bringing a smile to a special young man!!!