Arkansas 4-H forestry team wins national championship, a first for state of Arkansas 2016.

Taylor Gwin, a Hermitage High School teacher, Bradley County 4-H leader, and former 4-H member coached the four person team. The team was comprised of Hunter Saunders, Ethan Boykin, Cade Wilkerson and his brother Connor Wilkerson. All four members are from Hermitage, Arkansas.

It took a lot of hard work, long hours and dedication. Arkansas placed first among 17 states that entered.

We are so proud of you all.

We are so proud of Cynthia for being the overall winner of the J.B.O.M.C.A for 2015 as the overall vote from Warren High School students and faculty. I would like to tell you why this young lady was picked. She has served in many clubs. HOSA, Skills USA, Spanich, National Honor Society, BETA Club, Career Club. Cynthia is kind to her peers and her family. She is positive in her words and actions. She is a bright young lady and she was an honor graduate. Cynthia is involved whith her church as well as in her community. She has also been involved in various volunteer jobs like football jamborees for the YMCA, building floats for the Christmas parade, and donating food items to places in need. The Hope Board and staff are proud of you and can't wait to see what your future holds for you. We wish you many blessings as you continue to serve others and be who you have become. God bless you!

Caylx Harris is the Athletic Sports pick of Warren High School of 2015 as being the winner of the J.B.O.M.C.A. I know Caylx personally and I know he is a great young man. Caylx will attend Harding University in Searcy AR on academic and athletic scholarship. He plans to major in Biology and attend Med school to become a pediatrician. He is the son of Sabrena Harris of Warren, AR. Caylx also participated in weekly community service, he was a 3 year Letterman in football, and a 4 year Letterman in baseball. He played on the 2014 4-A State Championship team, and he was captain of the Quiz Bowl team and was in JROTC for 3 years. He loves pound cakes, hunny buns, and snicker bars but most of all he loves people in general including his family, friends and most of all little children. We look forward to see how the future holds for this young man. Congratulations Caylx we are proud of you!!!!

Brooke Recow was picked unanimously by her peers and her teachers for the J.B.O.M.C.Award. She was an outstanding student and friend to all who knew her. Here are just a few accomplishments; graduated Cum Laud, Honors Diploma, National Honors Society, secretary of BETA Club, Superior East Presenter, Social Scholarships, All America Cheerleader and I could go on and on. We are very proud of all your accomplishments Brooke and we hope the future brings you only the best of everything. Congratulations!!

Michael Carpenter was chosen by Drew Central High School in Monticello as having the characteristics of the late Joseph Bryant who passed away in 2006 at age 14. The Joseph Bryant Outstanding Model Character award means that Michael is a well mannered young man who is good to his fellow class mates and others. His character would be always happy and always helpful when needed, he would also be strong in his morals and values and not let others influence him in a negative way. Michael was also in the BETA CLUB and STUDENT COUNCIL. We are very proud of you Michael for winning this award. All of us here at THE HOPE BOARD billboard would like to congratulate you and wish you only the very best for your future!!!

Alexisa Clark was unanimously picked from the Warren High School 2014 as having good morals, good standards and over all great character. We chose this award because Joseph Bryant had these qualities in him before he passed. He was loved by his friends, teachers, family and anyone that ever met him. We are always looking for young men and women with these qualities and find that this type of person is rare in a changing world. We look forward to the opportunity to building another billboard in your community and all sponsoring clients will be a part of this. Once again, congratulations Alexisa for being who you are. We are proud of you. Continue to be an example to others and you will see the outstanding events unravel in your life. She turned to me and said, Finally it paid off. Yes doing what is right will always and forever pay off!!! 3-10-15 Alexisa is doing well with her studies at UAM College in Monticello, Arkansas. She has no time for boys because she is really putting forth an effort to do well in school so she can graduate with a business degree. We are so proud of you Alexisa. Keep up the good grades!!!

Warren High School Sports Pick of the year 2014
Cole Ballard is now enrolled in SO ARK Community Collage, studying hard to be a Registered Nurse. So far straight A's!!! GOOD JOB COLE!!! We are proud of you!!! 2015 Cole says, Jesus has been good to him and has blessed him in this life

and he will never take it for granted. He has a 4.0 in college and is seeking to become an LPN and a RN. He has met a lot of friends and had some great adventures. Way to go Cole! I met up with Cole on a hot June day in Monticello and he was as nice as always and Cole let me know that he passed the year with a 4.0 and will start back up in a week or two. After graduation he is hoping to stay close to home and work in the Monticello Hospital. Whoever gets Cole Ballard will be blessed!!!

2016 Cole is about to graduate after two years. He will graduate in Nursing with honors. Great job Cole!!!