Monticello Billboard Est. September 2015

Nov. 1, 2014

Thank you SPONSORS!!!!

Thanks to our sponsors who make this possible! May your lives forever be affected by serving the children that have great talents!

Dec. 28, 2020


The Monticello Billboard was hit by a straight line wind in March of 2020 and fell to the ground. Unfortunately we will not be rebuilding on this site. Our Wilmar billboard withstood the blow of the winds because of the excellent construction of metal by Roberts Welding and Supply. We will continue after the year 2020 and pray that we will be COVID FREE for 2021. God bless everyone and those who have lost loved ones during this very sad time.

We believe in supporting art and great kids!!!

Keep watch on change outs soon!

Built by Bill Walters and his crew. Great Job!