By Kelsea Smith 2014 Monticello, AR

By Jayci Ankney Monticello, AR 2014

By Katelyn East Monticello, AR 2014

By Makyia Spencer Monticello, AR 2014

By Gracie Chapman Monticello, AR 2014

By Garrett Wear 8th grd Monticello, AR

By Tyler Barton 12th grd Monticello, AR

By James Burns 4th grd Warren, AR

By Holly Williams 11th Monticello, AR

By Holly Williams 10th gr Monticello, AR

Self Portrait by Sarah Birks Monticello, AR 2014

By Hailey Maxey Monticello, AR 2014

By Katie Meier, Monticello, AR 2014

By Lexy Howard Monticello, AR 2014

Monticello Art 2014

By Mady Beth McKeown, age 13 Monticello, Arkansas

By Rachel Brady May

By Rachel Brady May

Art by Joseph R. Bryant In Loving Memory

By Joseph R. Bryant in Loving Memory

By James Burns Warren, AR 2014

By Kate Files Warren, AR 2014

By Israel Castillo Warren, AR 2014

By Giovanni Juarez Warren, AR 2014

Warren AR

The Iguana by Emma Goad Warren AR 2014

Spiderman by Courtney Harton Warren, AR 2014

By Anna Gilbert Warren AR 2014

Happy Silly Face by Lindsey Dadson Monticello, AR 2014

Heart Awareness by Tara Wallace Warren AR 2014

Dragons of the Flowers by Raven Broom Warren AR 2014

By Taylor Randle Monticello AR 2014

Water Color by Kathy Travis Artist 2014 Erie, PA

You can see more of Kathy's work at www.paintingmeditationwith

By Britany Carter Monticello, AR 2014

Old Lantern by Ricky Davis 2008 Warren, AR

Sunshine Face by Solaz T. Monticello, AR 2014

Block Dot by Spencer Monticello, AR 2014

Monticello Art 2014

My Elephant by Amber Monticello, AR 2014

Monticello Art 2014

Jarius Wright by Sam Hollingsworth Warren AR 2014

Pen & Ink by Katie King Warren, AR 2014

Thoughts by Carol Danoff Bryant 2014 Warren, AR

Razorback by Sam Hollingsworth Warren AR 2014

Pencil Sketch by Lance Jonio 2014 Warren, AR

Lance is willing to sell his art to make it through collage.

By Kate Files 4th grade Warren, Arkansas

Art By Holly Williams 9th Monticello Arkansas