Construction Complete in Wilmar, AR

Robert Byrd of Roberts Welding and Machine Shop in Warren, Arkansas and his crew began work on The Hope Board billboard in Wilmar, Arkansas on June 21, 2015.  Robert and his crew, Jerry Outlaw who has been working with Roberts Welding for over a year now and has been a machinist most of his life.  Jerry Outlaw is from Hermitage, AR and Shawn Hebert from Monticello, Arkansas, worked in the Arkansas heat and finished with the frame on June 22 with poles set in cement.  After it was set real good they went back to put the 4 x 8's in place on July 16th.

The colored 4 x 8's and border squares needed to be set in place.  This was done by Shawn Hebert who worked many years for Starco, Inc as a supervisor and his helper was  Ethan Harris who won many welding awards in High School.  Shawn finished up with cleaning and painting the billboard.  It looks great and many have already commented on how good it looks.  Give yourselves a high five and know that this billboard will bless many lives along the way.

  We are proud and thankful for Robert and his crew for the great job that they did.  Here are some of the photo's of the construction to completion.  All we have to do now is put the Art and Ads up for thousands of others to see.  Thank you again for all your hard work!!!